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Social Insert is the public social media marketing and consulting division of HTC Consulting and Marketing. For the past 15 years we have offered our consulting and marketing expertise to an exclusive list of clientele that; which due to NDA's, we can’t disclose here, but trust me, you’ve heard of them. After 15 years in the field of consulting and marketing we felt it was time to expand and offer our knowledge and experience in social media marketing to others. Over the years, we’ve developed the most effective techniques to increase and maintain your customer base through research, hard work, and dedication.

Who We Are

Social Insert is a team of Social Media experts, Search Engine Optimization specialists, copywriters, photographers, and videographers, that are dedicated to promoting your business across all digital marketing platforms.

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What We Do

Our team provides your business with everything that it needs to succeed in the digital space. From social media marketing to SEO to web design - our services are endless. Whether you’re looking for someone to refine and enrich your social media platforms, build extensive paid social media campaigns, or research the necessary elements to secure a ranking spot through Google Search, Social Insert will provide your company with all the services you need to achieve your goals.

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Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Facebook Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Custom Videography

Custom Photography

Website Design


Influencer Relations

Brand Awareness

Audience Engagement

Reputation Management

What We Think

In the current state of marketing, there is no way to compete without an established online presence. We take a holistic approach to marketing your company in order to ensure a solid web-based foundation. At Social Insert, we believe in building your digital platforms from the ground up. By beginning with a complete evaluation of your current social presence, we determine your strengths and weaknesses. This provides us with a foundation to create and promote an aggressive Social Media strategy to build customer loyalty and distinguish your brand.

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The Human Element

Social media marketing is an evolving industry that requires direct and careful attention. It is the only marketing channel that allows brands to have direct communication with consumers, which is why we never take shortcuts when building your brand. Outside of our direct ads, our ability to insert the human element into our campaigns is the most effective way to build and retain your customer base. By hiring only genuine and passionate employees to take care of each company and its consumers, Social Insert has become a successful “consumers-first” company.


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